Research on ASEA

Research on ASEA



Very In-Depth Explanation of the Bio-Technology Behind ASEA
by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D.
Atomic Physicist

ASEA’s Amazing Effect on Metabolites


Ingestion of 4 oz of ASEA daily for one week produced an extensive shift in 43 metabolites, including:

  • Free fatty acids (most notably)
  • Fructose
  • Amino acids
  • Krebs cycle intermediates

This ultimately shifted the entire metabolome of the cyclists who participated in the study.

Dr. Nieman – Reduced oxidative stress on LDL and DNA

Study shows that oxidized LDL and oxidized (both bad news) go down significantly.

Dr. Nieman’s accomplishments include:

  • 200 Peer-reviewed publications in journals and books
  • 300 Articles in Health and Fitness Magazines
  • Author of 9 books
  • Vice-President of the American College of Sports Medicine
The Emerging Science of Healing: Redox Biochemistry

Summary: The basic cell biology behind how Redox Signaling Molecules work in the body.

Presented by Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward’s Accomplishments Include:

  • Board Certified Family Physician

  • 30+ Years in Clinical Practice

  • Background in Functional Medicine

  • Background in Addiction Medicine


ASEA Frontiers:
5 Facts About ASEA
  • ASEA is 100% Non-Toxic at all dosage levels
  • ASEA is not saltwater.  It is stabilized signaling molecules.
  • Consumption of ASEA causes major metabolite shifts in the human body.
  • 29% increase in endurance in mice
  • Reduced glycogen depletion in muscles by 1/3 during exercise
Gene Research and ASEA

ASEA invests in research to show that testimonials are true.

ASEA partnered with Dr. Kenneth Ward of Tauret Labs.

Dr. Ward is Board-certified in four specialties including Medical Genetics, and Molecular Genetics.

Study found that genes affected by ASEA regulate metabolic pathways




Paper provides an overview of the verification of the existence of Redox Signaling Molecules in the product by BioAgylitix Labs, along with and overview of several scientific findings such as;

  • Reduced oxidative stress biomarkers (especially the very damaging oxidized LDL)
  • Faster skin cell turnover rate which is the essence of anti-aging
  • Significant increase in blood flow to tissue
  • Significant improvement in: wrinkle depth, facial skin texture, skin smoothness, skin elasticity, and skin moisture
  • An average reduction of 15.81% in the appearance of cellulite, with the reduction in size of adipose lobules after the application period of 12 weeks

Study showed a 20 – 31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes that are involved in pathway signaling including

  • Activating the natural immune response
  • Activating vascular health maintenance and elasticity reducing heart disease
  • Increased enzyme production reducing indigestion
  • Hormone activity pathway activation
  • Reduced inflammation and enhanced immunotolerance

Additionally, the study showed that

  • Effects of consuming ASEA REDOX are systemic.
  • Daily consumption of ASEA REDOX over eight weeks appears to result in stable expression changes.

ASEA supplementation caused a significant shift in 43 metabolites pre-exercise, especially free fatty acids, suggesting an enhanced fat oxidation and amino acid sparing. 

A 1-week ASEA supplementation caused extensive fatty acid mobilization before and during exercise, with no apparent influence on the biomarkers of inflammation or oxidative stress.

Study showed 0% toxicity from ASEA to cells when administered at well over 5 times the possible exposure rate in the bloodstream.

Study showed increased up‐regulation of anti‐oxidant production in cells exposed to ASEA and at least a 500% increase in Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx) and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

Study showed that mice ran 29% longer an spared the muscle glycogen up to 30%, thereby reducing the tendency to fatigue.

This is prior to the company being named ASEA.  It was formerly Medical Discoveries, Inc-Pharmaceutical. 

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