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How Does ASEA Work?

It’s one thing to say, “Hey, you need more Redox Signaling Molecules in your body. Use ASEA.”  It’s another thing when you understand why it is so important to have these molecules at your disposal.  Here’s an analogy to help you to understand what Redox Signaling Molecules do in our bodies.

A Simple Analogy to Understand How ASEA Works

Imagine that there is a village in a mountain valley.  The people there want to build a building in the neighboring valley.  Unfortunately, phone technology doesn’t exist there, so they must pass information verbally from person to person.

They have figured out that the most effective way to build their building is to line up villagers between the two valley each just as far away as the voice will carry.  This way they can relay messages from the building site to the town where all of the resources are by one person yelling to the next in line until the message is received. Using this method, the townspeople in the town can keep an up-to-the-minute account what is needed at the building site to keep the building project going.

understanding how asea works

It’s a big building that takes years to build, and several of the townspeople die leaving big gaps in the communication chain between the two valleys.  The building process slows down as a result of miscommunication or a total lack of communication.

Mountain Valley Few People - Understanding how ASEA Works - An analogy

One day, the building is struck by lightning and the villagers near the building are yelling at the top of their lungs for water, but they are not heard because too many people have died and there aren’t enough of them to relay the message to the town to send water.  The building burns down to the ground.

how ASEA works - an analogy for easy understanding

In this analogy, the townspeople forming a communication chain between the two valleys are the Redox Signaling Molecules.  As we age, (starting at about the age of 12) we start to lose our ability to produce enough Redox Signaling Molecules.

It is the job of these Redox Molecules to tell the body what is needed for cell growth and repair (building materials for new cell growth) or when it is time to extinguish/eliminate cells that are no longer functioning properly (the burning building).  If we don’t have enough Redox Signaling Molecules available to relay those messages from our cells, healthy growth is slowed and cells that aren’t functioning properly can begin to reproduce and get out of control (like that burning building starting a subsequent forest fire around itself).

ASEA provides additional Redox Signaling Molecules (messengers) to ferry information back and forth.  The body is able to understand where to send its resources to heal an injury or destroy cells that are no longer healthy.

In a worst-case scenario, the burning building (a non-functioning cell) if not put out could spread and cause a wildfire in the immediate area.  If that wildfire is not contained, it could destroy the entire forest.

asea products - how ASEA works

Purchasing ASEA

You may want to buy ASEA at wholesale pricing.  You may do so by becoming a preferred customer with a monthly auto-ship, or you can sign up as a rep and sell it yourself.  Follow the link and then go to “Join Here” at the top of the page.

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