About ASEA

History of the Company

The Genesis of ASEA

This video gives the history of the people who began ASEA and how they brought ASEA into being.  It takes you from the inception of the product, through development, and its growth into an international company. More than that, it shows what started as a business opportunity and turned into a mission to improve the lives of others.

If you really want to understand this company and its product, this is worth a watch.

Verdis Norton, Founder

Verdis Norton is the former Vice President of Strategy for Kraft Foods.  He has also served as executive and strategic consultant for many Fortune 500 companies.

It was Verdis’ critical thinking and quick action that took the fledgling product that was to become ASEA from floundering to a highly refined, patented product that helps millions of people worldwide.

Verdis Norton, Founder of ASEA

ASEA Products

ASEA Redox Supplement

ASEA Redox Supplement

asea via nutritional supplements

ASEA Via Nutritionals

Careers with ASEA

Associate Enrollment

  • Step 1: Visit the link on the button below to Enroll as an Associate
  • Step 2: Select your preferred business kit for $40
  • Step 3: Select your discounted enrollment products: ASEA, RENU 28, or ASEA Via – or any combination thereof.
  • Step 4: Select your Autoship package to receive ASEA monthly at the discounted rate
  • Step 5: Fill out the brief online application
  • Step 6: Click “next” to pay for the product, shipping, taxes and associate fee
  • Step 7: Enjoy your ASEA.  If you are not satisfied after 29 days, you can return the empty bottles back for a full refund!

Associate Benefits

The ASEA opportunity allows you to weave your business around your busy schedule and take charge of how you earn your living.

Business Building

ASEA Associates work cooperatively to help one another build their businesses.

Speakers routinely travel the country to share their stories and help train others for success.

ASEA provides fantastic back-office tools for both training and business management for the smallest to the largest organizations.


Whether you’re a professional looking to opt out of the daily nine-to-five grind, a stay-at-home mom wanting to boost your budget, or an entrepreneur with a desire to build a substantial, full-time residual income, ASEA offers you the chance to achieve your personal and financial goals, building a business that will stand the test of time.

At every level, you can bring in extra income, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.